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Let's Get Ready To Junk!


Fall is our favorite time of the year! The Junk Ranch has become the PERFECT EVENT for finding seasonal vintage items and for getting unique home decor. You can expect to see vendors selling old quilts, plaid thermoses, handmade vintage chenille pumpkins, decorative pieces for your tablescape, antique Christmas ornaments, wooden apple baskets, hand painted Fall crafts, everything you could wish for..... and many things you didn't even know you wanted!


The grounds simply come alive with pumpkins, cornstalks, mums, the smell of kettle corn and sweet sounds of bluegrass music playing in the background. This year we will feature six bands (such as Porchlight Symphony), and there will be several food trucks on site. Seriously though, y'all do NOT want to miss out on getting something to eat. There will be everything from po' boys to pie, and if you're like me, you'll need to grab a bag of roasted nuts for the road. So, make a plan to come hungry, sit back and listen to the bands play, and junk your hearts out the rest of the time!


Shoppers are often seen snapping pics in front of our old truck "Skip", and loading up on locally grown pumpkins by our vendor, Pigtails & Pumpkins. As a special treat, you can take your pumpkins or favorite junk finds to Okies & Indies, and she will personalize them for you while you shop!

There will be additional vendors at the show taking custom orders. Your Words Cuffs, will have a custom cuff bar. You can choose the leather & a prestamped metal plate. It will be put together & ready for same day pickup! Family Matters, has a huge selection of gift ideas & as always, they will have their vinyl machine available for customizing orders. Another fun stop will be the booth ran by, Written In Metal. You can find hand stamped keychains, cuffs & necklaces that are ready to go. If you don't see what you're looking for..... she can whip up something special while you shop.

Start making your lists for: 1. Seasonal Home Decor 2. Vintage Christmas Collectibles

3. Gift Giving Ideas 4. Good Ole Junk You Hope To Find..... and happy hunting!!


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